Singing Bible Time for the Early Years.

Supporting very little ones into the presence of God.


His Presence is a collection of 5 songs. They can be a blueprint for your baby and toddler church group and can establish routine and structure for you to build your group’s Storytime on.


Most importantly these songs are written from a heart of worship. Our objective was to create a structure that facilitates the presence of God and keeps the babies awake to the presence of their Father in heaven.


We have provided instructions for signing below so you can communicate with the babies about what the Holy Spirit is doing.


Finally step back as a leader and let Jesus in. . . watch these little ones have fun with Father, be attentive to the Holy Spirit and love to read the bible with you.


What a privilege to worship Jesus with babies!

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I really enjoyed leading our 1-2 year old Sunday group using ‘His Presence’.

The welcome song was a great way to focus on each child and to help them engage. I enjoyed seeing their faces light up as they were welcomed individually, It showed me they were being reminded of how important each one of them are to God.
The Bible song and music helped teach the children about how special the Bible is, to engage with the weekly Bible story and to get excited about what they will discover in their Bibles next.
When using His Presence our story time became much more fruitful as each individual met with God on many different occasions.
The CD was easy to use, with simple lyrics to remember and laid out a great routine that each child became confident and enthusiastic to join in with.


- Karis Ross -