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Encountering God with our Senses

Encountering God with your Senses

by Tandy Ruoff & Sam Smith

Encountering God with your senses is a fresh, ground breaking teachers manual for your children’s ministry. It features:

  • Five detailed session plans

  • Activities using all the senses

  • Mr Spuddy story time

  • Targeted Bible verses

  • Awareness of how father God can use the senses to help us grow in Him

Ideal for children aged 3 - 11.

This material has come from our heart for children to encounter God. For them to experience God through an intimate relationship with Him. We want to equip children to recognise God’s presence, to expect him to speak in different ways and help children really know Him.

Each session is broken down into concentrated sections that can be moved around, stretched and adjusted to suit your group of children. These are: 

The 'Encountering God with your Senses' Teaching Material can work alone or alongside the accompanying Journal - A fun and interactive workbook that leaves lots of room for the children to express themselves.

What a blessing and joy to have such valuable materials to use to impart to our children the love, goodness and true nature of God, through our five senses. These materials are well done, easy to use and readily received and understood by the children. Thank you Tandy and Sam for your hard work, love and dedication... not only to your own beautiful children, but to those around the world. You have made the lessons fun and profound! I have personally used these materials and highly recommend them for bringing children into a closer relationship to their heavenly Father... Papa God. He is a loving creator who has formed each child from before the foundations of the world. Let's help them learn more about Him through the very senses He designed in each and every one. Again, thank you for pursuing after God and bringing the children along. 


- Marilyn Seth, Children’s Minister and Pre School Director -


Tandy and Sam came to our Church weekend away and led our children into new encounters with God using their material, "Encountering God through our senses". It began a journey for our children and for us as leaders to expect and experience the MORE of God.  This journey is an adventure and is full of WOW moments where our children are learning their true identity as Sons and Daughters of Father God and how He fully speaks to them.

- Steph Cox, Senior Leader at Christ Church Peckham -

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